30 Positive and Empowering Mantras

A mantra, also known as an affirmation or positive phrase, is a collection of words strung together to create a positive effect, which you repeat throughout the day. Words affect the mind in a pronounced way, whether you write them down, think them, or speak them, they are powerful influences. This practise is immensely effective, and can be used in any situation. You can use them to help motivate and encourage you in a sport or at work or school, to feel more confident or more grateful, as a mood booster, to bring you back to the present moment, or even to help you get ready for bed!

Repeating these words to yourself throughout the day can help you replace your negative thoughts and feelings with more positive, empowering thoughts that may help you become more confident, grateful, motivated, happier, and appreciative of life in general. Mantras are extremely personal, which is why I have written 30 different mantras, to help you find the right one suited to you.




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