You’ll Be Okay In The End

When I first hit 6 months of being housebound due to M.E., I swore I would not allow it to become one year.
That would be way too surreal.
The idea of being housebound for an entire year was simply unfathomable…
When it became one year, I told myself it simply could not turn to two years.
No way.
I could not handle that.
That was more than I could bare…
But here I am, nearly two years housebound, and getting through each day leading up to the big 2️⃣ year mark I once thought I couldn’t cope with.
If you’re reading this, you may be thinking there’s no way I could handle being completely housebound for two years, I just couldn’t do it.
And yet you could.
Luckily, I hope you don’t have to!
But if it came to it, you could manage it.
Because us humans can endure so much more than we think.
We think we can’t do things.
We think we can’t handle it.
We think it’s too much for us to cope with.
And yet we do cope.
Even when we don’t have a choice in the matter (like being housebound).
Even though at times it can be so difficult.
We still cope.
Every. Single. Time.
Because we’re all still here, all still getting through 100% of the days we think we can’t handle.
When we stop and think about it, many of us are surprised at how much we can and have endured.
I know I am.
I keep getting surprised at all the little and big things I tell myself I can’t cope with – self injections, 3 day migraines, not leaving the house once in 2018 – and yet I do.
So if there’s something in your life right now that you think you won’t be able to cope with, just know you’ve coped with every single day so far in your life, so the likelihood is you’ll be okay in the end 💛
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