You Don’t Lose the Good Things By Letting Go of Illness

I was scared that letting go of all my illness labels and identification meant I would have nothing to write about; that I would lose this ability that I love so much.

But then I also realised that I don’t write about my illness, I write about how I feel.

I write about my healing and my journey. ✨

I write about the things I have learnt and the things I am still learning.

My writing is not something that is temporarily stuck with this illness; it is a part of me and who I am, and it will come with me where I go.


Letting go of all my beliefs and the way I have shaped and wrapped myself around my illness these past few years feels like starting over.

It feels like letting go of a part of who I am and finding new pieces of myself to discover. 💭

And I will write my way through all of this.

I will use my power of writing to move away from illness and into who I truly am.

I will allow it to guide me and show me that everything I have gained in these past few years I will not lose if I let go of my illness.


Because illness is not intertwined with everything else.

I know this because I have seen people recover and find a new life away from what they once knew, but in this new life they bought with them all the things they learnt from their time during their illness.

They bought with them the lessons, the gratitude, the healing techniques, the love, and all the passions they discovered.

The only thing they left behind was their illness and who they were as a sick person.

And this is the only thing I’m going to leave behind too.

So I can let go of my illness labels and identification knowing it is okay.

I won’t lose my writing, or the lessons, or anything else I want to keep.

There is a whole life ahead of me with all the good things I have learnt to be carried forward with me. 🏞


Your illness may have caused all these incredible things to come into your life, but if you take away your illness, you won’t take away all the good things too: they stay with you wherever you go ❤️

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