You Are Not Defined by Your Progress

Whatever you did or didn’t achieve this year, I hope you choose to rise above that. I hope you choose to remember your self-worth is not tied to your productivity, or progress, or to things that are out of your control. I hope you choose to look back on this year with pride at all the times you chose hope over loss, peace over uncertainty, and to see all those small steps you took as huge leaps.

Do not beat yourself down for all those things you didn’t attain or finish this year because you will have learnt other things along the way instead. You will have grown from the unexpected places and from the struggles you faced. You will have grown in more ways than you realise and you have come further than you can see right now.

It’s also okay if you have made progress in some areas and not in others; there is so much time to do all those things you still want to achieve. You are allowed to see your progress as a mixture of both the ups and downs, steps backs and steps forward, but always knowing you have grown through it all.

But above all else, I hope you know that even though you did not achieve what you wanted to this year, you are not defined by your progress: you are worth so much more than that 🌱 xx

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