You are Growing From This

“You can do this.

You’ve got this.

You’ll get there.

Stop comparing where you are now to this time last year.

You are so different and so far from the place you were a year ago.

Last year you didn’t have the emotional and mental strength that you have now.

Last year you were born again, learning to walk on new legs.

This year you have an entire year of life experience to guide you.

You didn’t know what to do this time last year, but you know exactly what you have to do now.

From the outside you may look as if you are in exactly the same place, but you know deep down just how vastly different the two places are.

A year ago feels like a different lifetime.

You may have relapsed again and your physical health is back to rock bottom, but this time around it already feels so different.

You’re on solid ground now; it’s not going to crumble, it’s only going to get stronger.

Your health may not have improved, but you have.

Hold on to that.

You are growing from this.”

(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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