Whatever You’re Feeling is Okay

Whatever you’re feeling right now is okay.

If you’re grieving, give yourself time to grieve.

If you’re sad, give your sadness space to breathe.

If you’re in pain, give your pain the self-compassion it needs.

I know how tempting it is to compare your mindset and emotions to someone else’s (including my own).

But their journey is not your journey.  🛤

And wherever you are along your path is okay.

I want to stress that I wasn’t always this happy and positive; I had so many years where I was angry, sad, lost, and grieving.

It took me a long time to transition to who I am today as it is a journey.

Happiness, acceptance, self-compassion, peace: all of it it is one long, long journey.

That isn’t to say that I got to the place I am today though by luck – it is something I worked so incredibly hard for. 💭

But it is to say that forcing yourself to feel anything other than what you’re feeling, or what you think you should feel, or what other people in situations similar to your own are feeling, is never helpful.

So remember: your life is your own.

Your journey and the pace you’re travelling at is your own.

Focus on yourself and where you are now.

You can still find hope, support and inspiration in other people to help you along the way.

But ultimately this is a solo journey you are travelling on, and so everything starts from within. 

This might require going through your pain first (like I had to).

But that’s okay; the key is to remember not to stop there.

Don’t stay in the tunnel of your pain and think that this is the end of your road.

There is a light at the end of your tunnel; keep walking until you find it.

Don’t ever give up.

I promise it gets better.

And remember that wherever you are along your journey and whatever you’re feeling right now is okay. 🌙✨💛

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4 thoughts on “Whatever You’re Feeling is Okay”

  1. Evie,
    Your posts are always a breath of fresh air. Like you I was diagnosed/afflicted with Lyme after dealing with a preceding illness (shingles) in 2018. It completely caught me off guard in that one day I was healthy, then all of sudden I was bedridden for months. Before I was extremely active, then I was shuffling around my house like I was 90 years old (I’m 37!) I have slowly regained some health but I had to give up working full time, I’m currently working toward getting back to a part time low stress role (stress, physical or mental, causes my body to shut down). Seeing your story, all that you have been through at a young age, and your outlook in life gives me hope. Keep up the amazing work and writing. I always look forward to reading your thoughts.

    1. Thank you so much Kevin, that means a lot to me. I’m really sorry you’ve had to go through all that, that’s really tough. I’m pleased to hear you’ve regained some health back, I hope that continues for you! I will definitely keep up the writing! My best wishes to you x

  2. Hi Evie, I’ve just discovered you at the start of my M.E journey, and am already feeling relieved, comforted and inspired.

    I’m a 62 year old grandmother who used to race across fields and splash in streams with the kids, in between doing a job I enjoyed that seemed tailor made for me. I’ve recently been diagnosed with M.E, after having Covid 19 back in March, and am slowly coming to terms with the loss and grief over all I used to do. I read an extract from your book on Kindle this morning and immediately ordered the paperback!

    ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem enough for the blessing you are, but it’s said with immense gratitude – THANK YOU!!

    1. Hi helen, thank you so much for your beautiful comment, your story really touched me. I’m so sorry you never fully recovered from COVID, it breaks my heart how many people out there who will never recover either and whom will join us on this crazy M.E journey – sorry you’re having to go through this, I remember the grief all too well.

      Thank you so much for ordering my paperback, I hope it can bring you some comfort and hope at times when you need it most. You are amazing to have even reached a place where you’re ready to hear my words – I know a lot of people aren’t ready to hear the “positives” at the beginning of their journey.

      Much love to you Helen xxx

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