A Part of My Life is Frozen in Time

I’ve been thinking a lot about the fact that while my life has not stopped these past few years, a part of my life did freeze: going out, socialising, dating, being a young adult, the freedom.

When I see names of school friends pop up, I know for them school was years ago, with so many things having happened between now and then; new memories, people, and experiences filling those gaps. 💬

But for a small part of me, it literally feels like yesterday because that socialising part of my life has been stuck.

Of course, my life has moved in so many other directions since then, catapulting in ways I would never have anticipated and I’m so, so grateful for.

But I still want to unfreeze that other part of my life.

I still want to go back out into the world of socialising and dating and meeting new people at every turn – or at least, to have the freedom to choose to do this. 💫

I’m so grateful for everyone I have met on here, and my heart swells at the quality and quantity of friends I have met online and who I cannot wait to meet and hug in real life one day.


All I’m really saying is while I have moved on in so many ways, there still feels like a very small part of my life has been frozen since I was 18, and I just wish I could unfreeze it.

I feel it when people ask me what I’ve been up to or when school friends catch up on their week: the sudden realisation that while all my memories of me and my friends feel like yesterday, they were actually so long ago.


I can’t wait for the day I can move forward with all the pieces of my life; not leaving anything behind. 🌈

I can’t wait to unfreeze the small part of me that has been stuck and to throw myself into everything and anything I want to.

To have the freedom to choose.

And I know it will happen, and it feels like maybe it might happen soon.

But for now, I’m going to remind myself it’s okay if I feel like a small piece of myself is still frozen in time.

I have moved forward in every other way possible, and that will help carry me in the future in more ways than I realise. 🏞💛💭

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