Using Your Energy for Good Things Only

Before I fell ill I used to waste my energy on a lot of things I didn’t enjoy doing.
I was applying to do a degree in a subject I knew I wouldn’t enjoy but because I felt a degree was better than no degree.
I went to parties with people I felt I couldn’t be myself with therefore I couldn’t enjoy but still went as I didn’t want to “miss out”.
I did activities through feeling obligated to do them rather than actually asking myself would I enjoy this.
Since falling ill my outlook on this subject is something that has changed dramatically.
Having limited energy means you only have a few activities you can do each day as you do not have enough energy to do everything.
Although this can be frustrating, it does mean you always end up prioritising what things are most important to you and what activities you enjoy the most.
I would never now choose to do something I didn’t enjoy, but why did I do this when I had full energy levels?
Why do so many of us still put so much energy into things we know won’t benefit us?
The reason why my perspective has shifted so much on this subject is because I’ve come to see energy as a gift.
If someone handed it to me right now, I would do everything I could to make sure I used this gift for good things only.
I would never waste it on anything that bought me down rather than up.
I would never waste it on something not worth my time.
I would cradle it with my whole being and nurture it the best I could.
The best way to always make sure you use your energy for good is to ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to do going to make me happy or benefit myself or others in some way?”
Putting a label on your energy levels saying “treat with care” will help remind you to always think about what you’re putting your energy into, and if you are someone who has full energy levels every day, try to remember what an incredible privilege this is and how many people would give to have this gift 💫❤️
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