Two Years Housebound – The Lessons I’ve Learnt

It’s my two year housebound anniversary today due to M.E..
Today is not a day to mourn all I have lost.
Today is a day to celebrate all I have gained.
I can’t begin to imagine the person I would be today or the life I would be living if these past two years hadn’t happened to me, and I’m so blimmen’ thankful they did.
A brief summary of what I have learnt, this year in particular:
  • Just because someone is doing something you are not, does not make what they are doing better than what you’re doing.
  • Visualisation is such a helpful tool.
  • Rest because you want to get better, not because you’re sick.
  • The person most likely to underestimate your own abilities is yourself.
  • Sometimes you need to accept there reaches a point in some friendships/relationships where you should be thinking, “I deserve better than this.”
  • No matter what anyone says, your hair does not “wash itself” if you leave it longer than 2 to 3 weeks… 😂
  • Always stay focused on your own path.
  • It’s okay to spend 90% of your time in a fictional world if it helps you get through the day.
  • My favourite mum quote this year which has been repeated to me whenever I’ve felt stressed is: “You don’t have to do anything.”
  • We suffer far more in imagination than in reality.
  • And finally, healing takes time. Take your time. Take your time. Take your time.
So thank you for all you have taught me ❤️
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