The Transition Period Between Your Old and New Life

When something happens to you that causes your life to turn 180 degrees, the transition period between your old life which is no longer viable, and the new one you’ve been landed with can be a tough journey.

At first this new life seems scary and full of the unknown. You spend your time wishing you had your old life back, wishing the thing that happened to you didn’t happen. You struggle to work out how to live this new life.

But after a while you come to realise maybe this new life isn’t as bad as it initially seemed, maybe it’s even better than the life you thought you had planned.

You slowly start to notice the little joys in life again. You begin to feel a deep sense of gratitude for things you didn’t know you could feel. You learn that the small things in life really are the big things. Thoughts that would have once preoccupied your mind in your old life now seem so trivial in this new one. You start to feel a glimmer of hope that maybe things will be okay after all.

You become brave enough to open the door to this new life and embrace this new way of living.

Although you may have many times where you still doubt this new life, these moments become more and more fleeting.

After a while you start to realise maybe this was the life you were meant to live all along. Maybe this was the path you were meant to take.

You mentally list all the lessons and experiences you wouldn’t have learnt if you hadn’t had this new life.

You look back and imagine what your life could have been if the thing had never happened, and you thank god it did.

You become grateful for everything that’s happened and you wouldn’t go back and change it even if you could.

Because sometimes, when it feels like things are falling apart, you realise they are actually falling into place 🌔

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2 thoughts on “The Transition Period Between Your Old and New Life”

  1. So beautifully written❤️ With a mindset like yours, how could this new life be anything but incredible? Lots of magic in store for you, I’m sure of it✨

    1. Thank you Maria ❤️ That’s so kind of you, and the same goes to you! This is only the beginning for us xx

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