There is still So Much Time for 2021 to get Better

How you start this year does not dictate the tone for how the rest of the year will then be.

I started 2020 off unable to leave my bed, wash my hair, hold a conversation, or walk further than to the bathroom and back.

I ended 2020 spending hours with my friends and family talking, going to Enchanted Christmases and light shows, eating meals downstairs at the kitchen table, joining in with the festivities, on top of plugging away with my writing and going for short walks nearly every day. 🍃

My point is, no matter how you start this year, there is still SO much room for improvement.

There is so much time for things to change, and for things to change drastically. 

Maybe this is your year, or maybe it isn’t.

Either way, it’s going to be someone’s year, and maybe this year that someone could be you.

So don’t write the rest of the year off as a “bad one” just because January didn’t start off as you envisioned.

There are still 11 more months to come, and so much can happen in that time. 💫🌏

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