The Things That Do and Don’t Define You as a Person

I am forever needing to remind myself that although I didn’t finish school or get a university degree, this does not therefore automatically make me inferior to my peers who did. Nor should I ever compare myself to their list of physical achievements. There are far more important qualities and better ways to define yourself by. So, a gentle reminder for those who need it…
Things that don’t define you as a person:
– Your qualifications
– Your health or illness
– Numbers in a bank account
– Your relationship status
– Your exam results
– Your list of physical achievements 📝
– Your gender, race, sexuality, or physical appearance
– External circumstances that are not within your control


The things that do:
– How you treat your friends and family
– How you treat strangers
– How you treat yourself
– The energy you put out in the universe
-👭How you make other people feel
– Your attitude in life
– How kind you are
– Your morals and beliefs
– The care you show for the planet
– Who you are as an individual 🌟💛
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5 thoughts on “The Things That Do and Don’t Define You as a Person”

  1. Loving your words of wisdom Evie, I’m offline from social media again for some time but will be active on WordPress! I’ll also be checking in here if you have any more updates as I love your insights. Sending love and hugs! 🤗💕

    1. Thanks Naomi!! Hope you enjoy your time offline and find it beneficial. I have 7 mini-posts scheduled over the next 4 weeks on here/insta/facebook 🙂 Sending bigs hugs and love back xxx

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