Blogging from my bed about mindfulness and chronic illness 💫👇🏽

When I attended a pain management course last year we had to create an individual goal each week to try

We live in a generation where we often feel we can only connect with certain groups and cliques, but we

Seeking treatment and help is a minefield for anyone with a chronic illness, especially with an illness that is poorly

Many of us hold the belief that the main source of happiness stems from external things. For example, we might

Some people ask me how I stay so positive through everything, and the honest answer is it's not something I

A mantra, also known as an affirmation or positive phrase, is a collection of words strung together to create a

When I first fell ill, guilt was a constant emotion that played a huge part in my life. I used

Have you ever had times when you thought you felt fine all day, then someone says something to you and

Having a chronic illness opens you up to a whole new range of experiences and takes you along an entirely

One of the most important lessons mindfulness teaches us is to “respond” to situations, rather than “react”. There is a

A good way to think about how you would cope with a bad day is to contemplate how you would

Admittedly, this time of year is always hard for me as my social media becomes bombarded with pictures of people

Dropping out of school was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make, but it also turned out

Our dogs are a constant source of love and companionship, but even more so, they are phenomenal teachers to us.

When talking about “relationships” in this post, it includes all the relationships you have in life, from your friends, family,

It was made very clear when I first started meditation that learning to forgive others was key to inner peace