Blogging from my bed about mindfulness and chronic illness 💫👇🏽

Before I fell ill I remember feeling this intense pressure of thinking I should know exactly what I want to

I am forever needing to remind myself that although I didn’t finish school or get a university degree, this does

I used to think people would have to love me in spite of my illness. I used to see my

Gratitude. It's the thing that makes all the difference. It's the thing that makes the little things, the big things.

Someone recently said to me they felt sad and angry on my behalf because of my situation and the fact

One day These days will seem like a faraway dream You’ll think Did I really have so little energy I

When you look at this piece of paper, what do you see? Three years ago my meditation teacher asked me

This is just a little reminder for everyone to always remember to do what is best for you, your mind,

What do you do when you have an illness that requires you to completely rest; both physically and mentally? And

Fear comes hand in hand with M.E.. I live in constant fear of overdoing it. I’m always asking myself, “have

Tomorrow is not another day. Tomorrow is a new day. It is a chance to make new memories, new experiences,

Today marks 1 year of being predominately housebound due to M.E.. Instead of feeling sad about it, today I’m celebrating

Social media has grown tremendously in the last few years and the influence and impact it has on people today

When our lives become dictated by thoughts and emotions attached to past events or potential future outcomes, it becomes increasingly

Just under 4 years ago, my mum started attending a local meditation class and tried to persuade me to join

A lot of people have been asking me for book recommendations on mindfulness, meditation, and happiness. This blog post lists