Blogging from my bed about mindfulness and chronic illness 💫👇🏽

I realised recently just how much my illness takes up rent space in my mind. It’s kind of hard for

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in all the things we still need to do to get to where

Today somebody was able to get out of bed for the first time in years. Today somebody found the courage

Today officially marks seven years of illness. Seven years to the day when I got glandular fever aged 16 which

One of the hardest things about being chronically ill is not knowing the end date to it all; the “chronic”

There comes a point where the time passed becomes bigger than what the heart can bear. Three years housebound was

I get a lot of people asking me for book recommendations on mindfulness/happiness/self-help etc… I previously wrote the blog post,

As I’ve been stuck here in this house, I’m aware everyone else has been moving on. Moving on to new

I’m sorry that all those people left you when you did nothing wrong other than the fact you are unable

I don’t want you to tell me I can achieve anything I set my mind to – I want you

Maybe this new season should be about slowing down; giving yourself more deep breaths and rest. Maybe this season should

Opening the windowsI stare into the world around me,the one I long to be a part of.It’s a world that

I can’t quite believe I’m posting this. Maybe it’s because I can’t believe it’s actually happening. Maybe it’s because my

This year has been such a mixed bag of emotions. So many days of peace, happiness, and contentment, but there

Some little ‘half-way through the year’ reminders for everyone: You have come further this year than you realise.There are no

If you look hard enough, you’ll always find so many little and big things that you have now which maybe