Blogging from my bed about mindfulness and chronic illness 💫👇🏽

A year ago I was in survival mode. I don’t think I knew it at the time, but looking back,

Exactly a year ago today I posted a picture of this exact spot which my dad took for me on

Something I don’t think they tell you enough about is how much fear there is during recovery. Fear you’ll lose

When I was 19, a couple in a restaurant started chatting to me. They asked me what I did, and

What a difference a year makes, from functioning at 5% to 30% today 🌟🌈 ~ This time last year I

Something that I think is overlooked with illness is how much it affects your family. It wasn’t just my friends

Whatever you’re feeling right now is okay. If you’re grieving, give yourself time to grieve. If you’re sad, give your

Our world is changing, and our language needs to change with it. Language can exclude people, cut people out, and

These past 3 months have been everything and more ☺️🌟 Ever since I got glandular fever, aged 16, I’ve seen

There were so many Around the World Memoir books that I’ve loved which I couldn’t fit in the list, but

The title of this blog post should probably be called, “My Top 10 Favourite LGBTQ+ representation books”, as all these

You’ll find all these books cover a wide range of intersectional feminist topics, from rape culture, education, post-Trump, culture oppression,

All the books below are written by black authors and are such an amazing resource of information, insight, and empathy.

I’m all too aware that many of us in the chronic illness community struggle with fatigue, both mentally and physically,

I thought writing this post might be a nice twist on the usual “giving advice” posts out there (including all

I was scared that letting go of all my illness labels and identification meant I would have nothing to write