Blogging from my bed about mindfulness and chronic illness 💫👇🏽

Society makes me feel less valuable because I live in a body that can’t do as much as my peers…

One of the biggest problems surrounding invisible illnesses is the perception others have that you need to “look” ill to

Welcome to life with Chronic Lyme disease!This photo is the absolutely smallest insight into what it’s like to live with

One virus was all it took to change my life. One virus was all it took to flip the path

“M.E awareness week” 📝:~So many words to write,too little energy.So many dreams to conquer,too little energy.So many passions to pursue,too little

Over the past year, I've prioritised educating myself on race, racism, and anti-racism. Up until now, I've felt it's been

6 months ago I made it to this field and I was in awe. No words could express what it

This time last year, I started seeing physical improvements in my health for the first time in 7 years. It

I’ve always tried to keep my recovery as real on here as possible, and a lot of people are asking

This photo capture the very moment my life changed, exactly 8 years ago to this date. It was the day

How you start this year does not dictate the tone for how the rest of the year will then be.

So much fear surrounds my heart as I seem to be stumbling through the wilderness more than ever. So many

Starting the year with one of my favourite quotes by The Dalai Lama. Some things I’m trying to remember this

What does recovery look like to you? To me, it doesn’t look like going back to my old, “healthy” life.

Something I’m really struggling with is knowing whether or not I’m allowed to feel frustrated that I still can’t do

Today is my birthday, and it’s a big day for me and all those who know and love me. ✨