Small (Huge) Improvements – Health Update!!

These past 3 months have been everything and more ☺️🌟

Ever since I got glandular fever, aged 16, I’ve seen nothing but a steady decline in my health to the point of being left bedbound last year.

But these past 3 months have been the first time ever, in these 7 years, that I’ve had such a solid block of improvement – no relapses, no flares, just a little bit up, up and up.

In these months I’ve achieved:

  • I no longer live in the dark; I finally opened my blinds in my bedroom and I’ve stopped wearing my sunglasses – something I’ve had to wear 24/7 for the past year. I can even go outside into the sunshine 🌞
  • I no longer spend 24 hours in bed, I go downstairs EVERY DAY and spend a good 4-5 hours downstairs before heading back up to bed before dinner.
  • Noise sensitivity has also improved drastically: I can sit in a room with more than one person talking, and my parents can make noise around the house without my body going into overdrive.
  • I can FaceTime family/friends for an hour or two, once or twice a week. Now this is undoubtedly the happiest improvement! I literally haven’t seen my friends faces in four years, and now I’m talking to them nearly every week 🤗
  • A few times a week I can sit upright in a chair for an hour or two – so crazy to do something so normal like sit in an actual chair 👩🏽‍💻 #whodis
  • Instead of relying on my parents to wash my hair for me once a month, I can now wash my own hair, twice a month!!! I still have to use a stool but it’s so nice to have this small nugget of independence back.

Of course, saying all of this out loud is scary, which is why I’ve been quiet about it until now.

The fragility of where I’m at is all too real and I find it easier not to think about it too much so I don’t overthink anything.

But I also want to share my achievements with you and hold onto these moments as I’ve never experienced a solid improvement block like this before ♥️

p.s. I know people will ask me what I think has helped, and I’m going to be honest and say I don’t feel comfortable talking about my treatment or healing as it’s so individual, and it’s not just one thing but literally a million things stacked on top of each other ✨ xx

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