Everything is Always Changing


My book, “Everything is Always Changing,” is available for purchase worldwide in Paperback.
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“Over the past two years, I’ve gone from bedbound, to housebound, to slowly venturing out into the real world. Writing down my innermost thoughts throughout each stage – holding nothing back – this book will take you on the journey with me, showcasing the challenges and joy along the way.

A continuation of growth and healing, I hope these words can remind you that life is neither light or dark but a tentative mixture of both. And I hope that by being open and vulnerable, you can find some strength, solace, and light amongst these pages.”

Written from the heart, this book of poetry and prose is split into three parts: Underground, Emerging, and Blooming, as well as a bonus chapter called ‘A Conversation with Wisdom & Joy’. Presented chronologically, this book is an intimate witness to the ups and downs of recovery.

Additional Information:

Page Count: 225

Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch

Book type: Available as Paperback,
ebook (Apple) and Kindle (Amazon).

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UK: amazon.co.uk
USA: amazon.com
Canada: amazon.ca
Australia: amazon.com.au
Germany: amazon.de

Ending Note:

If you do buy my book, thank you!! I really hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it 🧡 Any reviews of my book on Amazon and Goodreads would be so appreciated as it helps others find my book.

Lots of love, E xx

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