Our Perspective Varies From Moment to Moment

Looking up into the blue sky, I am reminded how each time I see it, I feel something different.
Some days when I look up and see it, I am reminded once again of the beauty in this world. I find myself grinning at how wonderful life can be and I am seized in a moment of wonder and awe.
Other times I look into the sky and I feel a deep pang of sadness as I am reminded of the vastness of the world and how much I am missing out on. I feel sad when I can see the airplanes in the sky. I find myself longing to be on that plane as I  remember how much there is I want to do in life when right now I can do so little.
Some times I look into the sky and think how cool it is that there will be people in the world right now doing the exact same thing as me and will be seeing this exact same sky, and I feel an instant connection to the world and the people in it despite not knowing who these people are. It also makes me happy to know that my best friend who lives down the road, although we cannot see each other right now, we can share and stare at the same sky, and that makes me feel so close to her.
It’s strange the way that beauty, sadness, and connection can all be deeply felt by looking at the same thing. How depending on our mindset and how we feel in that very moment reflects the way we look upon things.
While it is often noted that our perspective on things can vary from person to person, I think we can forget how much it can vary within ourselves from moment to moment.
It’s therefore worthwhile to remember that happiness and positivity can be felt in almost everything we see, so if on some days or in some moments you can only feel the pain and sadness in something, that doesn’t mean there isn’t any good to be felt, it just means right now you can’t see it.
But it’s still there.
It will always be there, and you will see it again soon 💭
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