One Day…

One day
These days will seem like a faraway dream
You’ll think
Did I really have so little energy I couldn’t sit in a chair, see my friends or family, or leave the house for years?
It will all seem like a blur
And it will feel like a different lifetime
Because one day you will be in a place so far from where you are now
You will be travelling the world
Walking whenever and wherever you want
Spending time with the people you love
Living life to the full
But something you will never ever forget
Is what these days taught you
You will never forget the lessons you learnt
You will never forget how you overcame the struggles
You will never forget how you grew despite the circumstances
You will never forget how you conquered the world each day simply by getting through it
You will hold this in your heart for always
And you will look back and realise
These days weren’t the end
They weren’t a waste of time
Because really
They were just the beginning
Of a journey so so beautiful
You won’t see it coming
And for that
You will always be grateful
That these days happened to you 💫
(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

2 thoughts on “One Day…”

  1. I know I said this on instagram too but as always you share such beautiful words! Thank you so much for this <3 One day I have no doubt you will achieve all you have ever dreamed. Stay strong beautiful soul <3

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