No Matter How Broken You Feel on the Inside, No One Should Ever get to Treat You Anything Less than Whole

If I needed any words more at the beginning of my illness, it would have been these.

Like a lot of people, my illness shattered my self-esteem and confidence.

I think the reason this can happen to so many of us is often due to a combination of things…

  • Having people who you thought were your friends suddenly disappearing as soon as you fell ill 👫
  • Grieving for your old “identity” and trying to figure out who you now are with this new label.
  • A noticeable feeling that you are now viewed as “different” from your peers and outsiders.
  • Losing your independence.
  • Feeling vulnerable from the drastic life changes which you are still trying to accept 🌊
  • Trying to remember and believe that your self-worth is more than just physical achievements.
  • And a need to feel reassurance that you are still viewed as “loveable” even with your baggage.

As a result of feeling this way, it often means a lot of us lower our standards and therefore we allow other people to not treat us as well as they should.

It’s almost like we feel the need to compromise for other people’s behaviour because of all this sudden change within ourselves and our circumstance.

But no one should ever be allowed to treat you badly, no matter who you are, what baggage you carry, or what your labels are 💬

We all deserve the highest form of love.

We all deserve compassion and kindness.

We all deserve to be loved fully and completely.

So if someone is taking advantage of your broken pieces, maybe it’s time to let them go.

Because no matter how broken you feel on the inside, no one should ever be allowed to treat you anything less than whole.

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