New Year’s Reminders

Starting off the year with one of my favourite quotes by The Dalai Lama.
Here are some little reminders for everybody this New Year:
– If your year doesn’t start off as you had planned, remember it isn’t your only opportunity for a new beginning. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, brings you a brand new moment for you to breathe and start again 🌅.
– Your self-worth is not measured by your productivity.
– The future is not in your control.
– Goal setting is very personal and it’s always important to explore what’s best for you. It’s also very much okay to not have any plans or goals, because sometimes letting go and just going with the flow is actually the best way to live.
– Don’t try and attempt to solve your entire life in one instance; life unfolds only in moments, so it’s much better to just focus your energy on one moment at a time.
– You can achieve far more in a year than you can in a month. And further still, you can achieve far more in two years than you can in just one 🌱.
– Try to let go of what you think your life should look like and instead just live life as it’s happening.
– Always be kind to yourself. Always be kind to others.
– And finally remember: You are only alive in this moment. If you live your life constantly planning for the future you will miss out on all the moments that are taking place right now. So this moment is the best time to just live ❤️

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