Negative Emotions

This year has been such a mixed bag of emotions.

So many days of peace, happiness, and contentment, but there have also been the moments of heartbreak, frustration, and sadness.

But that’s okay.

It’s always okay.

This idea some of us have that we shouldn’t feel pain or sadness is not right.

The more we try and resist these moments or emotions, the longer they stay.

By embracing the good times as well as the bad we live life in constant acceptance.

It allows us to move through life without clinging to anything and to just be at one with the moment and the roller coaster that is life.

My moments of heartbreak, frustration, and sadness never seem significant to me, and I can often forget I have them, simply because they pass so quickly as I’ve learnt never to resist them.

I can recognise now that negative emotions are a part of me and my journey.

They’re never going to leave me, ever.

And again, that’s okay.

Emotions are just emotions.

They come,

and they go.

We don’t need to get wrapped up in them.

We don’t need to cling to them.

We just need to accept them for what they are, embrace them with kindness and compassion, and stay calm as we watch them pass.

The earlier we can accept these bad moments are going to be with us for life, the quicker they pass, and the sooner we can be at peace once again ❤️

(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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