'Within These Four Walls' is Out Now

I wrote a book and it is out NOW !!!!!!! 🎉💃🏼☺️ My book, ‘Within These Four Walls’, is available to purchase worldwide in both paperback and Kindle via Amazon - just search “Mindfully Evie” in your amazon site and you’ll find it, or alternatively, click on the relevant link below to take you straight there.

Where to buy...

UK: amazon.co.uk
USA: amazon.com
Canada: amazon.ca
Australia: amazon.com.au
Germany: amazon.de

A note on the Kindle version: Just a reminder for those of you who are unsure, you don’t have to own a Kindle device to read my book via kindle - all you need is an electronic device (smartphone, tablet, computer) which can download the free kindle app. You can then read my book electronically via your device. It’s available on iOS, Android, Mac & PC.


“Every word written in this book was written from within the confines of my home. Spanning over nearly three years this book is a testament to my time being housebound and proof that despite all the suffering, there is always happiness to be created, peace to be unearthed, and a life to be lived.

A journey of self-discovery and personal growth, I hope this book may offer you comfort, inspiration, and wisdom, whatever path you find yourself on. And I hope by sharing my story and imparting my thoughts, it may help you in some small way too.”

Additional Information:

Page Count: 223

Dimensions: 5 x 8 inch

Book type: Paperback, Kindle

About the book:

The title of my book, ‘Within These Four Walls’, was very obvious to me because I want this book to be a testament to my time being housebound. I’m scared that as I distance myself from these housebound days, I’ll distort this period into memories of unbearable hardship, which it isn’t. I want to be able to look back at this chapter of my life and see this book as living, breathing proof that despite it all, I was happy and at peace throughout everything.  

You’ll find this book is a collection of “pieces” (as I like to call them): some longer, some shorter, some reading like letters, others like journal entries, some like poems, and some continuous and broken prose. The book is split into three parts: The Storm, The Aftermath, and The Calm.

When I’m having a bad moment, I often write as a way to come home to myself; to remind myself it is all going to be okay and that this is not the end of my story. This is what the pieces in ‘The Storm’ are – they are the words I needed to hear to pull myself out of the bad moment. I hope they provide comfort and warmth to you.

‘The Aftermath’ is the stage that comes after you have gone through, or are still going through, a hard time. The biggest thing that happened to me after I fell ill was I lost all my confidence and self-esteem. This had a huge impact on my life and the relationships with those around me, as well as the relationship I had with myself. This part is about picking yourself back up and putting those broken, or still breaking, pieces back together again.

The final part, ‘The Calm’, is to offer you inspiration and wisdom as I share the things I have learnt over these past few years. I hope this part is a soothing and uplifting read for you.

While most of this book is based on my life, there are a few pieces based on things that have happened to other people, usually individuals close to me, and I have written the pieces with those people in mind. You’ll also find a bonus chapter called “A Conversation with Wisdom”, but I’ll let you find out for yourself what that entails.

You can read this book in order, as it will take you on a transformative journey from the bad moments, to the good moments, and everything in between. But you are also welcome to dip in and out of this book depending on how you are feeling at that moment and which part you feel you need to read the most.

Ending Note:


If you do buy my book, thank you!! I really hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I have enjoyed writing it 🧡 Any reviews of my book on Amazon and Goodreads would be so appreciated as it helps others find my book.

Lots of love, E xx