Moving on From Your Old Life

The other day I discovered a box of things from my “old life” – 70% sports kit: my hockey kit, running kit, my South Africa sports tour kit, along with my part-time job uniform, school books and university applications.

It’s so easy to stare at that box and think of all the stuff I’ve lost these past few years, but it’s also important I remember all the things I have gained.

If I hadn’t fallen ill, I would have never gained this appreciation and gratitude for life.

I would have never discovered my passion for meditation, mindfulness and blogging.

I would never have truly learnt about myself and what I’m capable of.

I would never have learnt invaluable life lessons.

I would not have had the opportunity to meet and connect with so many inspiring, wonderful people.

I would have never got the chance to grow and become who I am today.

It’s so easy to remember all the things you used to do, how your old life was, but the truth is that’s not your life anymore.

Your life is here, right now, so don’t let what you used to do in the past affect what you can gain from the present moment.

Grow with the challenges life throws at you and don’t look back, because you never know what amazing things you might find along the way

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