All the following “Mini Posts” are originally posted via my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), meaning they are a lot shorter than my blog posts. As some people who read my blog don’t have Facebook or Instagram I decided to share them on here so you can read them too. 

Realistically, no day is 100% good or 100% bad, instead it is a blend of both good and bad moments.

Through this chaos there is calm. Delve deep and you will find it. Look too hard though, and you will

Something I get asked so often is, how do I trust so blindly in my journey and in knowing I

Having this painting in my room (which took me a year to complete), is just such a perfect reminder to

Starting off the year with one of my favourite quotes by The Dalai Lama.Here are some little reminders for everybody

The only thing I want to do this December is to live life deeply in the here and now. To

It’s my two year housebound anniversary today due to M.E.. Today is not a day to mourn all I have

As human beings we are always looking for ways to solve our problems and want to know the easiest way

When I first hit 6 months of being housebound due to M.E., I swore I would not allow it to

A lot of us rely on others to help turn a negative moment into a positive one, a bad day

I struggle to describe how it feels as nearly a year on from a physical set back, the fatigue I

When I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed, achieving a calm state of mind can be really hard. I often find something

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