All the following “Mini Posts” are originally posted via my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), meaning they are a lot shorter than my blog posts. As some people who read my blog don’t have Facebook or Instagram I decided to share them on here so you can read them too. 

One thing that continues to surprise me is how absent the feeling of loneliness is from my life, despite the

A reminder for anyone who needs it. ❤️❤️ ~ These words have become my mantra once again as I remind

“M.E awareness week” 📝:~So many words to write,too little energy.So many dreams to conquer,too little energy.So many passions to pursue,too little

It’s okay to say “no” to people. It’s okay to take a few days, weeks, or months away. It’s okay

Wisdom laid three choices in front of her: the past, the present, and the future. Wisdom turned to her and

If I needed any words more at the beginning of my illness, it would have been these. Like a lot

One virus was all it took to change my life. One virus was all it took to flip the path

Us human beings are all so much more alike than we are different. We’re just so used to looking at

I’ve finally found the courage to tell you all something I’ve been keeping to myself for a wee while now,

This photo capture the very day I contracted glandular fever, exactly six years ago to this date. I remember the

When something happens to you that causes your life to turn 180 degrees, the transition period between your old life

Where you currently are is not permanent. You may only be in this place for a short while, or you

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