All the following “Mini Posts” are originally posted via my social media accounts (Instagram and Facebook), meaning they are a lot shorter than my blog posts. As some people who read my blog don’t have Facebook or Instagram I decided to share them on here so you can read them too. 

How you start this year does not dictate the tone for how the rest of the year will then be.

So much fear surrounds my heart as I seem to be stumbling through the wilderness more than ever. So many

Starting the year with one of my favourite quotes by The Dalai Lama. Some things I’m trying to remember this

What does recovery look like to you? To me, it doesn’t look like going back to my old, “healthy” life.

Something I’m really struggling with is knowing whether or not I’m allowed to feel frustrated that I still can’t do

A little reminder for people during the “happy” holiday season: you don’t have to be happy all the time. It’s

Today is my birthday, and it’s a big day for me and all those who know and love me. ✨

A year ago I was in survival mode. I don’t think I knew it at the time, but looking back,

Exactly a year ago today I posted a picture of this exact spot which my dad took for me on

Something I don’t think they tell you enough about is how much fear there is during recovery. Fear you’ll lose

When I was 19, a couple in a restaurant started chatting to me. They asked me what I did, and

What a difference a year makes, from functioning at 5% to 30% today 🌟🌈 ~ This time last year I

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