Measuring “time”

I do not know what life is like as a twenty something year old outside these four walls I call my home. 🏡

It’s so so surreal, especially when I write it down or say it out loud to other people, but the thing is I don’t know any different.

When I first became housebound I remember I was always counting the days.

“It’s been X days since I left the house, it’s now been Y days…”

But I realised the counting this year has stopped.

I don’t know why, maybe it’s because it has been so long now it hurts a little bit to think about it too much.

Or maybe I’m just so focused on keeping my hope and trust alive that these housebound days will very soon be over that I don’t like to dwell on it. 💫

The thing is when it comes to “time” we often measure it wrong.

If I got offered the chance to give three years of my life in exchange for a lifetime’s worth of knowledge, growth, wisdom, and happiness, I would take it.

This is how I am starting to view my time being housebound: a few years of solitude and simplicity in exchange for the rest of my life to then be deep and meaningful. 🌍

I know how lucky I am to have gained the kind of insight I have at such a young age.

Most people don’t experience this kind of shift in perspective until much, much later in life, and so to have this chance and opportunity to learn all these lessons so young really is a gift.

I truly am grateful for these years and I wouldn’t give them back even if I could.

I know in the future I won’t look back on this period of time with sadness, but with an understanding that I wouldn’t be the person I am today if I hadn’t gone through all this first. ❤️

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