Me and My Book are Featured in a Podcast Episode!

Me and my book have only gone and got itself a podcast episode!!

The incredible Hayley and Tom from Spoonie Village have recently launched a podcast, and for the latest episode, me and my book are featured in it.

The podcast episode is beyond amazing and nothing short of incredible: I laughed, cried, and pretty much nodded my head in agreement to everything Hayley and Tom had to say.

It is such a thought provoking and empowering listen: I cannot recommend it enough! 🌟


Originally, they very kindly asked and was hoping to have me on as a guest speaker, but sadly due to my rubbish health, it simply wasn’t something I was well enough to do.

However, Hayley was incredible and felt such a connection with my book that they’ve gone ahead and done the episode without me; talking about Hayley’s time being housebound/bedbound and discussing why she relates to my writing so much.

I managed to record a few of Hayley and Tom’s favourite pieces from my book, which are included in the Podcast episode, so I am physically a part of it in a small way!

Essentially, the episode is like a book review, where Hayley talks about her experiences and mine, inspired by passages in my book.

I’m still in awe at Hayley and Tom’s kindness and love for my book, especially at their being so understanding of not being able to join them on the episode but still wanting to go ahead and talk about me and my book anyway.

So if you want to have a listen to the podcast episode (which I cannot recommend more), just click on the following link – – or search “spoonie village” in Spotify, Google, or Apple podcasts.


Also just a reminder: If you buy my book this week, 100% of the profits will go to charity in honour of M.E awareness week and Lyme disease awareness month. Offer ends midnight Sunday, 17th May 💙💚


Lots of love, E xx

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