M.E Awareness

One virus was all it took to change my life.

One virus was all it took to flip the path I thought I had planned and to shove me on a completely different, unknown path.

One virus was all it took to see my health slowly slip out of my hands until barely visible grains were left.

One virus is all it can take to snatch the word “me” from your vocabulary and slip a dot into the middle of the word to create M.E and consequently, change your world entirely.

And it can, and does, happen to anyone.
School children, teenagers, students, adults, parents.

A whole population of people silently selected to never recover from viruses so many will get.

But what are you left with at the end of that?

A population of people who can join together like no other.

A population of people all connecting through a single thread.

Our voices come together like droplets of water seeking each other out, and standing side by side, we form a tsunami of love and support.

A community built like no other.

I know one day our collective voice will be heard and we will finally get the awareness, treatment, and cure so so desperately needed.

And I know it won’t be the result of one single voice, but the result of an army of voices, standing together in unity, simply asking to be heard.


(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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