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There is nothing worse than that feeling when the alarm goes off and you’re startled awake by a horrible loud noise. It makes you feel groggy and grumpy, and it’s not a fun way to start the day! So now let me introduce to you the Lumie Bodyclock – this beautiful clock means you wake up naturally with the “simulated sunrise”. The “simulated sunrise” takes 30 minutes as it gradually fills your room with light, when it’s reached its full brightness, it will stay like this for another 30 minutes to make sure you’re fully awake (you can also add in a sound alarm as a back-up just in case).

The “stimulated sunrise” brings your more gently out of sleep, and helps prompt your body to ease off your sleep hormones such as melatonin, and to start increasing your cortisol “get-up-and-go” levels. Studies have shown that people who woke up with the 30-minute sunrise were more refreshed and alert on waking up. It’s also been shown to boost your mood, productivity and energy levels throughout the day!

This clock works for the evening as well, as it does a “sunset” setting, meaning over 30 minutes the light dims until it goes off completely. This is super relaxing and peaceful, and it’s the perfect way to help you wind down for sleep.

Admittedly, the initial cost is expensive, but it would be a lifelong investment and something you would use every day. This clock can completely change your sleep, helping you feel like you’ve woken up naturally and make you feel a lot more positive, alert and happy in the mornings. If you know someone who isn’t a morning person, suffers with the dark winter days, or struggles with sleep, then this would be the perfect present!!

The lumie website is:

The lumie clock I use:

You can also buy the lumie clock from places like Boots, Amazon, John Lewis and Argos.

Let me know if you use this clock and how you’ve found it’s helped you by commenting below 🙂

Metta, E xx

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2 thoughts on “Lumie Bodyclock”

  1. Evie had one of these for years so much better than a normal alarm. Used to wake up in a more peaceful state and didn’t disturb my wife. It stopped working don’t need it now though we have a dog! Also I don’t go to work so…..

    1. Yes they are brilliant clocks! Can’t imagine waking up to the dog is much fun!! But I guess now you’re retired you can lie in!!! x

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