Living Life to the Full

The phrase, “living life to the full”, entails something different for every single person.

For some people, it might be always going on spontaneous adventures, saying yes to every opportunity, and throwing yourself into everything life has to offer.

For other people, like myself, due to my limitations, it involves something different.

It becomes about being happy with everything I have in this moment and embracing all of life’s joys, even if they are viewed as smaller to other people’s.

It becomes about recognising even with your limitations in life, you can still live a meaningful and deep life.


But essentially, living life to the full means one thing universally to everyone: to live deeply in the here and now.

To grab hold of this moment and realise you shouldn’t waste a single moment by not being anywhere but here in the present.

To be fully engaged and seizing all the happiness and wonders this moment brings.

Whether that moment is going bungee jumping, going for a walk because you can, or simply enjoying your morning cup of tea.

It makes no difference if living life to the full is confined to your bed or to the whole world; the meaning of it is not based on its physical size, but on its mental capacity in your mind.


Because to be mindful, to be fully present, is to be richly alive.

This is living life to the full.

Nothing more, nothing less 🌛💙

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