Life is Still Happening to You

“I know it sometimes feels like life is happening without you, but it’s not.

You know deep down it’s not.

Your life is still happening, right here, right now.

Writing these words proves your life is not being wasted.

You’re learning.

You’re growing.

Life is still happening to you even if it is different to everyone else’s.

There is no set path everyone has to go down for life to happen, so don’t try to change anything.

Don’t force something to be different from what it already is.

Because this is it, this is your life and you can’t change that.

It doesn’t have to be bad, nor does it have to be something spectacular, it can just be.

Make the most of this time because it is a luxury most people don’t get and an opportunity for growth that you don’t want to miss.

Life will still happen with or without you – only you can decide to go with it or resist it.

It may still be different from everyone else’s life and not the one you had in mind – but who is to say it isn’t better?”

~ Notebook scribbles, New Year’s Eve 2017 🌈

(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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