Letting go of Resistance

As human beings we are always looking for ways to solve our problems and want to know the easiest way to overcome things.
So when you are faced with a problem that you can’t easily solve, like M.E., all of a sudden you have to change your whole philosophy as to what you’ve been taught all your life.
You have to accept there is no easy way around it.
You have to accept there is no quick fix.
You have to surrender to the fact that healing will not happen over night.
And all of this is so much easier said than done.
It’s no wonder so many people resist in these moments as a small part of us might still believe there must be a simple way to get around it all, as this is how we’ve lived our whole life up to this point.
But the bravest and most courageous thing you can do is to say, “I accept how things are, I accept there is little I can do to change them, but I also accept that this won’t be forever”.
Because when you do this, and finally let go of that resistance and surrender to the moment, something so beautiful happens.
You discover that even amidst all the chaos, you can still be happy and at peace 🌊💛
(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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