Letting Go of Illness Identification

I realised recently just how much my illness takes up rent space in my mind.

It’s kind of hard for it not to when it’s been with you for so long and everything you’ve always done for the past few years has constantly been surrounded and defined by it.

When I was asked the question,

“Do you define yourself through the perspective of illness?”

I wrote the answer:

“Always. My illness is who I am and it completely defines me. I’m not sure who I am without it anymore.”

This answer scared me, a lot.

And it also made me feel really sad.

Have I really come to believe so deeply that my illness defines me and is a part of who I am?

And I realise now I do feel this way and believe it completely.

Realising this has made me understand just how much I need to change this belief.

I need to find a life away from illness and labels.

I need to discover who I am, not who I am temporarily with these physical challenges I face but who I am as a person; whole, healthy, and healed.

So this is me announcing to all of you guys that I’m ready.

I’m ready to start again;

to rebuild my identification away from illness.

To believe to the core of my soul that I am not my illness and my illness is not me.

I need to get out of this damaging thought process because it’s so incredibly limiting and goodness knows it’s not helping me in my healing or recovery.

So here’s to starting over.

To discovering who I am without illness and learning (or unlearning) it is not who I am and that there is a life to be lived away from these self-limiting beliefs.

I’m so ready to let it all go and discover who I truly am ❤️

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