“Just Breathe” ~ Notebook Scribbles

“Just breathe.
Let’s take it one moment at a time.
You don’t need to work out your entire life just yet.
We have ages, let’s go slow.
The only moment that matters is now.
The future doesn’t exist, it is an illusion, not reality.
Your anxiety about tomorrow is unnecessary.
Your worry about how life will turn out is pointless.
Smile, life is good.
You just need to breathe.
Stay focused on the now – don’t get lost in the future.
Let the words flow across this page as they come, don’t overthink anything, just be.
Be like water, always going with the flow.
You and these words are all it needs to be right now.
So let’s just breathe and stay focused on now.”
Notebook scribbles 🌈🌙
(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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