It May Be the End of Another Year, But This is Not the End of Your Story

So many things may not have changed this year. You may be in the same place physically; still trying to get towards the same goal that you have been trying to achieve all year, with little or no progress. You may even feel like you have gone backwards: stumbling into even more obstacles along the way.

But one thing is certain: just because the year is ending, does not mean your story is ending too. You are growing and you are continuing along your path whether that day is the last day of the year or the first day of a new one. Your story does not stop or halter based upon where you are in the year.

It may feel disheartening because the end of the year is about “reflection”; looking at where you have gone wrong and where you have gone right. The things you have achieved, and the things you haven’t. But you are also welcome to embrace the fact that in terms of your story and where you are headed: there is no stop here. You are free to continue on ahead without looking back, and you are free to acknowledge there is so much more up ahead of you.

So even though it may be the end of another year, I promise you, this is not the end of your story ❤️

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