Gratitude List

Something I love to do at the end of each day is to pick up a notepad and pen and write a list of all the small pleasures I’ve experience that day. For example, today’s list:

“Beautiful sunset, candles, freshly baked banana bread, the sound of my dog sighing, the blue in the morning sky, hugs, morning cup of tea, music, the peace and quiet in the afternoon, fluffy blanket, clean dressing gown, books, warmth from the heat pad, calming meditation, cuddles with Saffy, chats with mama, having my dinner made and bought to me, wonderful messages, smiles, fresh air on my face…”

The list helps remind me of all the positive things I’ve experience that day. It helps me to remember that life is good and there are still so many things you can enjoy even if you have to rest 24/7

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