From 5% to 30% today – Health Update

What a difference a year makes, from functioning at 5% to 30% today 🌟🌈


This time last year I was completely bedbound, and I didn’t end up leaving my bedroom for 365 days.

During that time, every meal and need was bought to me.

I didn’t make a single cup of tea myself.

Showers were a thing of the past.

My parents washed my hair for me once a month over the bath.

I lived in constant darkness and silence. 😴

I saw my best friend once in that year for 15 minutes in bed.

I had a migraine every day.

I wore sun glasses 24/7.

All I did was literally just lay in the dark and rest all day.

The photo on the left isn’t even an accurate photo as we opened the curtains and I took off my sunnies very briefly to take the picture!


Today, I’m going downstairs EVERY DAY and staying down there for the whole day.

I’m getting my own food, my own cups of tea. ☕️

I’m able to sit at a table and write.

I can shower every third day, and wash my own hair fortnightly (stool in the shower to help).

I’m baking birthday cakes for people. 🎂

I’ve seen all five of my best friends for the first time in over three years (they came to my garden)!

I’m FaceTiming and chatting to people a few times a week.

I’ve gone on a handful of small adventures, like the one above, driving to local open spaces, sitting down and people watching. 👭


I never, ever thought I’d post this.

I never thought I would finally be the one telling others I’ve improved.

I knew it would happen one day, but I never quite expected it to happen so quickly.


HOPE is real.

RECOVERY is real.

Don’t ever give up.

I know I have a long way to go, but right now I’m just going to be appreciating how insanely far I have come this year.

30% may still not sound like a lot to some people, but others will know it is everything to me.

This. Is. Happening.

After 7 long years of decline, I am finally healing.


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