Every Day is Different

When you live life in the slow lane, it can often feel like all the days merge into one. It becomes hard to differentiate them as all the days seem exactly the same; the same routine, the same activities, the same emotions, the same rest periods etc… There isn’t much room for spontaneity or eventful activities which break up the days and unfortunately routine is often vital for recovery. But it is important to remember that while the days seem to blend together, they are always different.

The days may all start with a sunrise and end with a sunset, yet no sky is ever the same.

The days may be filled with moments of the same emotions: happiness, frustration, grief, joy, contentment, yet your experience of each emotion is always different from the last.

The days may embody the same surroundings and scenery on the inside, yet outside the weather and garden are forever changing.

The days may be a repeat of the same routines and the same journeys, yet each day your thoughts and emotions during these moments will continuously differ making it a new experience each time.

The days may feel like they are on constant repeat, with nothing moving or altering, yet today you are a day older, a day wiser, and a day more knowledgable.

Each day is always different.

Notice the changes each day brings and appreciate each one as it comes as there won’t be another day like the one today

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