Don’t Ever Give Up Hope

Exactly a year ago today I posted a picture of this exact spot which my dad took for me on his walk so I could see some of the outside world as I was too poorly to leave my bed. 🌍

In the caption below the picture, I wrote:


“I wish with all my heart that I could say I took these photos; that I made it “out there” to witness the beautiful scenery that surrounds us at the moment and look up into the vast blue sky with my feet on the ground and the wind in my face.

But right now I am still only able to witness the changing of another season through photos people post and my family and friends send me. 👭

I won’t give up hope though that I will get to see it all through my own eyes soon.

I won’t give up hope that all this effort I’m putting into getting better will pay off.

I won’t give up hope that I’ll start to feel better any moment now.

And I won’t ever give up hope that I will be able to leave this house and go off and do all the things I dream of very, very soon.”


One year after posting this caption, I achieved everything I had been dreaming of in that moment.

I got to see it through my own eyes.

I got to witness the changing season for myself.

I got to go outside, walk among the leaves, feel the wind in my face, and look up into the sky.


Whatever you’re wishing for right now, don’t you give up hope on that either.

Dreams really can come true.


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