Change Takes Time

Having this painting in my room (which took me a year to complete), is just such a perfect reminder to me that change often comes as a result of a slow and steady build up over time, rather than everything happening overnight.

Because as much as we all want to see results quickly, the truth is the things that matter the most require patience and perseverance to get there first.

I feel like healing can some days seem like the slowest of the slow, which is why it is so important to remember that the little changes that are currently happening will build up over time:


As these days tick by inside these four walls,

nothing you say,

seems to change.

But have you not noticed all the changes around you,

and all the changes within you?

As small as they may be,

for subtly is their middle name,

do not belittle them for their size.

As over time these little changes,

stone by stone,

will grow into mountains 🏔

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