Book Extract #4: You Are Worthy

I’m sorry that all those people left you when you did nothing wrong other than the fact you are unable to leave the house and join in with them. I’m sorry for the pain others have caused you by not understanding just how hard things are for you right now and for making you feel that you are not enough. I’m sorry someone made you feel so very small and insignificant, like you didn’t matter and that the world could go on without you.

But you should know this. The pain others have caused you, all those who have made you feel unloved, unworthy, or incomplete: you are none of those things. It may hurt you deeply because you secretly feel that way about yourself too. But you are whole, you are loveable, you are complete. You have nothing to prove to anyone; you have nothing to prove to yourself. You came into this world worthy of all the love, kindness, and affection the universe could offer, and no circumstance or person can and will ever change that.

I hope you let those people’s words pass through you and do not allow them to linger in your soul. I hope you see that those people who left you did you a favour by leaving, as they gave you the room for another, better and more loving person to come into your life and take their place. I hope you know that you do matter, you do belong here, and you are worthy of so much more than what those people gave to you.

Page 73 of My Book ‘Within These Four Walls’ – available to purchase now worldwide via Amazon (UK, USA, EU, CA) or click on the relevant link below:

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