Book Extract #2: New Season

Maybe this new season should be about slowing down; giving yourself more deep breaths and rest. Maybe this season should be about creating more space; more time for yourself and more time for healing. Maybe this season should be about trusting the unknowns; letting go of the fear, doubt and worry and being kind to yourself as you brave this new spell.

It’s tempting to walk into this new season afraid of what could go wrong; afraid nothing will change once again, afraid of what this new season might bring. But this season could also be the beginning of something new. It could be a time when things finally start to fall into place for you, where you feel hope and trust with every step you take. Or maybe nothing big will happen, but all the little things will add up to something beautiful. Maybe it will be all those in-between moments that make this season special. 

Because whatever happened or didn’t happen in the previous season, that chapter is now closed. You are here, walking into a brand-new season, full of endless possibilities. Don’t let the path behind you trick you into thinking this season will be the same as the last. You are not facing that way anymore: you are looking forward. You are looking out at a horizon of places you have not been. You are looking into the unknown and the equally beautiful.

It may scare you to see all this vastness in front of you, but that’s okay. You only need to take this new season one step at a time. Let the horizon remind you of the endless possibilities to come, filling you with hope and trust that things will be okay, and let this moment remind you the only thing that matters right now is this next step forward.

Page 213 of My Book ‘Within These Four Walls’ – available to purchase now worldwide via Amazon (UK, USA, EU, CA) or click on the relevant link below:

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