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I’m all too aware that many of us in the chronic illness community struggle with fatigue, both mentally and physically, and that going out and searching for our own resources to educate ourselves on important topics and matters is very draining. As someone with the ability to read and write, I wanted to help save some energy for those chronically ill, as well as simply share books I have found helpful these past few years in terms of educating myself and gaining insight and information, both of which led me to have more understanding, compassion, and empathy.

I have written 4 blog posts as part of a book education series, covering four different areas (although they all overlap). They include – Black Lives Matter, Feminism, LGBTQ+, and Around The World Memoir books. Each blog post includes my top ten favourite books on that topic, and to help those with chronic illness, I have included an “easy, moderate, or hard” reading rating scale to help you know what is easiest or hardest on your brain fog and fatigue, as well as including the page count for each book so you get a good idea of how much you’re taking on. I’ve also added which books are available as audiobooks, as I know that is an easier option for some.

I know that so many people in this chronic illness community will want to educate themselves but will also feel overwhelmed, and maybe even guilty because their illness does not allow them the energy or strength to read heavy or in-depth books or articles. I hope these blog posts ease the weight a little bit for you as well as help anyone out there looking for resources but are unsure where to start.

I am by no means an expert at all, and I will definitely get things wrong, so if you see something that doesn’t sit right with you or you don’t feel a book represents you well, then please do speak up: I want to learn and grow as much as you. I also have a long way to go, and I am aware that educating myself is not a one-way route; it is a never-ending road and minefield, but I must take responsibility to educate myself and to not stop doing that to the best of my ability.

I hope the blog posts save a few chronically ill people out there some energy and helps you work what books might be more manageable for you (as that was the intention and purpose behind it). ♥️♥️ 

On a separate note, I’m deeply saddened this book education series does not yet include a disability blog post. There are so few books out there on disabilities and representation, but I plan to seek every one of those out and I hope I will come back soon with a number 5 education blog post with my top 10 favourite disability books.

Love and light to everyone, E xx

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