Always Stay Focused On What You Do Have

Rolling into another month of the year,

and the visibility of the days passing

are making themselves all too noticeable.

While the absence of



and physical healing,

are making themselves all too invisible.

How many days need to go by until those three decide to make themselves seen? 💭

If it’s time they need,

I have plenty.

If it’s patience they need,

I will persevere.

If it’s hope they need,

I’ll keep my stores fully stocked. 🌱

But if it’s reason they need,

I have little.

I have only






and light. 🌝

But it’s more than some people have,

so I’ll hold these things

close to my heart.

And I’ll make sure that

even if those three other things decide

it still isn’t the time for them to show up,

I’ll never give up any of the other things.

I have more than some,

and I have more than I did,

and for now,

that has to be enough.



(Originally posted on @mindfullyevie Instagram and Facebook)

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