50 Things to do to Lead a More Positive and Happier Life

Some people ask me how I stay so positive through everything, and the honest answer is it’s not something I can sum up in a single sentence. There are so many elements to staying positive, which is why I’ve made a list of the general things I’ve found are most important to leading a more positive and happier life. You may be very surprised that I’ve listed 50 things, but I think once you read through them you too will realise just how important each one is. That isn’t to say you must achieve all 50 things to be happy or become a positive person, as a lot of the points will be things you already do, while other points will jump out at you and make you think “that’s definitely something I need to work on”. I would suggest today taking just a few points from this list of things that you feel you need to and want to work on. Take it one step at a time, and eventually you’ll get there. Staying positive is a 24/7 job; it’s not something that just happens overnight. It isn’t always easy, but the one thing I can tell you is it is 100% worth it.

  1. Let go of what you can’t control
  2. Feel a deep gratitude and appreciation for life
  3. Live in the present moment
  4. Stop worrying about what others think
  5. Smile and laugh often
  6. See the best in others
  7. See the best in yourself
  8. Letting things happen rather than making them happen
  9. A loss of interest in judging self
  10. A loss of interest to judge others
  11. Spend time with nature
  12. Let go of the past
  13. Stop worrying about the future
  14. Meditate
  15. Be kinder to others
  16. Be kinder to yourself
  17. Stop overanalysing situations
  18. See failure as a chance to grow and learn
  19. Always see the positive in every situation
  20. Remember you have everything you need
  21. Find the time to do the things you love
  22. Understand that thoughts do not equal reality
  23. Always tell loved ones how much you love and appreciate them
  24. Let go of negative or toxic people from your life
  25. Look after your body and health
  26. Believe in yourself
  27. Have an open mind
  28. Cease trying to interpret the actions of others
  29. Accept yourself and your faults
  30. Drop your ego and understand that you are not always right
  31. Take the time to self-reflect
  32. Look at everything in perspective
  33. Mindfully respond rather than react to situations
  34. Learn to enjoy your own company
  35. Let go of anger
  36. See everyone as equal
  37. Forgive people who have hurt you
  38. Show compassion to everyone
  39. Be willing to take risks
  40. Step out of your comfort zone
  41. Always strive for progress not perfection
  42. Recognise that nothing is ever permanent
  43. Trust your gut instinct
  44. Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you
  45. Always keep communication open with family and friends
  46. Forgive yourself for past mistakes
  47. Accept the unexpected
  48. Let go of the need to always justify your emotions
  49. Always deal with criticism mindfully
  50. Never compare yourself to others

Metta, E xx


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    1. I love how everything is covered on the 50 things. Thank you for sharing. They are all definitely food for thought.

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